Anti-Allergen Treatment Leicester

Anti Allergen Treatment

Allergens are everywhere and it can seem like an endless battle which you always lose. That’s why after you’ve had your carpets deep cleaned by us we offer an anti-allergen treatment to add an extra layer of protection to your carpets.

Protecting your family from germs is one of the most important jobs as a parent or guardian. That’s why it’s important to invest in an anti-allergen treatment that will remove all the dust mite particles, mould, fungi and bacteria from your home. It’s important to remove them from your carpets before they can develop, spread and become airborne. When these things become airborne and get breathed in, this is when they can create respiratory conditions.

The Benefits

  • Suitable for carpets, bedding and all upholstery
  • Effectively controls major causes of asthma
  • Pet and Child safe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Not a drug or a pesticide
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Kill dust mites
  • Shield your carpets and upholstery from future attacks

Act Now!

Millions of household dust mites and their excrement are found in every home and they can be directly linked to over 50% of all asthmatic diseases and other related allergies. Carpet cleaning can be very beneficial to people with allergies and can improve conditions such as asthma.

During summer many people suffer from hay fever and have allergy-related symptoms. We strongly advise a deep carpet & upholstery cleaning in the Spring/Summer months to reduce the effects associated with these allergens. As well as at the end of summer to reduce the pollen in your furnishings as the pollen count lowers and before winter sets in.

Eco-Friendly Services

Carpets, rugs, sofas, curtains and upholstery will benefit from our extra protection treatments eliminating dust mites, fungi, bacteria, and mould. The products we use are eco-friendly and are made with ingredients that can be found in nature making all of our treatments 100% pet and child safe.

Enjoy your home and feel confident. It need not be difficult too have a clean, safe home with our anti-allergen treatment. Not only will this treatment clean your home but it will also protect your soft furnishings, upholstery, carpets, rugs, mattresses and most textiles from future attacks. Treated textiles and carpets will eliminate the food chain that these dust mites thrive and procreate on, without this source, dust mites, mould, fungi and bacteria cannot develop.

How We Can Help

So if you want to enjoy clean fresh carpets again without having to worry about what may be growing inside. Contact us today and we give you a free no-obligation quote. Once you are happy with the quote we can arrange for one of our qualified technicians to come out at a time that suits you.


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