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Carpet Cleaning In Thurnby

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Loughborough

Are your carpets in need of a spring clean? At Chemdry we offer carpet cleaning in Thurnby and surrounding areas.

At Chemdry Leicester we offer carpet cleaning services throughout Leicestershire. We have over 25 years of experience and love what we do!

Why You Should Choose Chemdry Leicester

Using our unique carpet cleaning methods and the latest in technology, we offer one of the most advanced carpet cleaning services available in the UK. All our technicians are highly trained, friendly and professional. Our aim is to provide a hassle-free service while causing minimal disruption to your home and life.

Our cleaning solution is 100% pet and child-safe. Named The Natural® due to all of the ingredients being found in nature. Combining our safe solution, and advanced cleaning methods makes our carpet cleaning service revolutionary! Giving you visibly cleaner carpets after just one treatment. Not only will your carpets look cleaner but they will be healthier and feel softer too.

Additionally we can apply our fabric protection treatment to your carpets after they have been deep cleaned. This will prevent dirt from embedding into the carpets fibres so quickly. It also adds a protective coat making your carpets less likely to stain. Having the fabric protection treatment doesn’t clean your carpets but will make it more difficult for them to get dirty, meaning you will need our services less.

These two treatments together can make your carpets last much longer than normal, and it also is significantly cheaper than buying brand new carpets. We can also offer you free no-obligation quote and amazing seasonal deals.

The Chemdry Process

Our exclusive cleaning process generates natural CO2 to produce millions of tiny effervescent bubbles which penetrate deep within the carpet fibres, to dissolve the dirt and stains quickly. This technique also acts as tiny propellants that actually lift the deep down dirt to the surface for easier extraction.

Due to our unquie process and natural solution our carpet cleaning techniques leave behind no sticky or dirt-attracting residue. This decreases the rate at which your carpets will get dirty again. Your home will also become a healthier environment due to a reduction in allergens, dirt and dust that were once stored deep within your carpets.

Get In Touch Today

If you need your carpet cleaning in Thurnby or anywhere in the Leicestershire area, make sure you contact us and we will get to you as soon as possible. At ChemDry we know how important it is to have a clean and safe carpets so you can put your mind at ease. You can also talk to one of our team today on 07436 811184.


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