Top Ways to Remove Stains

Removing stains from a carpet

Looking for top ways to remove stains can be a pain.

Without professional help, cleaning your upholstery can be time-consuming, messy and destructive to your furniture. A vacuum cleaner, a bit of elbow grease and some damp kitchen roll can be a valid solution to the most minor of stains if you act fast. However, trying to clean any more significant stains can be near-impossible if you aren’t correctly equipped for the job.

The effect of professional upholstery cleaning is breathtaking in comparison to home remedies. It’s surprising what a thorough cleaning can do for your sofa and soft furnishings, and it doesn’t need to be a costly ordeal. Using our cutting-edge technology and industry-leading cleaning methods, ChemDry offers you one of the most advanced cleaning services available in the country. Your upholstery will be like new, and you’ll get a bargain in the process. It’s a lot cheaper than buying a wholly new sofa, and saves you the rigmarole of getting one into your home.

All of our cleaning solutions take 4-6 hours to be completely dry and effective. Our process is safe and non-toxic, meaning that there is no need to worry about adverse effects to yourself or your pets. You can get back to enjoying your sofa with peace of mind that it is clean and free of toxins quickly.

Unlike many other services on the market, you won’t find any sticky residue or dirt after we do our work, either. Our process is also available for a variety of types of upholstery, including wool and man-made carpets. We are able to clean your upholstery to your needs.

We can guarantee your satisfaction with our quality upholstery cleaning process. All of our staff are friendly, professional and willing to explain their work to you.


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